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This printing system allows anyone with a Cal Poly card (PolyCard, Add-Value, Conference, etc.) and a sufficient balance on their Campus Express account (a debit account) to pay for printed sheets of paper at installed locations. The current charge is $0.10 per page for black print and $0.20 per page for color print. Cards are swiped at these locations and the print charge is taken immediately from their Campus Express account.


Printing refunds will only be given due to system related issues. Examples are:

  • Out of paper
  • Paper jam
  • Out of toner
  • Failed to print
  • Printer Error Condition
  • Print Quality Due to Printer Malfunction

If you feel your print meets one or more of the examples above click on the link below to request a printing refund.

Link to Request for Printing Refund page.

Client Software Installation

The software used to manage printing is called Uniprint, produced by Pharos Systems International, Inc.  The client is called the Uniprint Popup client.  This client is typically installed by Cal Poly computer technicians in labs and classrooms though it may be installed on personal computers as well.

See our Uniprint Popup installation site at http://uniprint.calpoly.edu

The Kennedy Library also supports client installations with instructions specific to library printer use.  Visit the library page at: http://lib.calpoly.edu/use-tech-and-print/print-copy-scan


The PolyCard printing system is present at various campus computing locations, typically computer labs. The Kennedy Library is our busiest building with over 10 printers spread over all 5 floors.

Open Access Locations

Kennedy Library Maps - Building 35 (10+ printers)

University Union - Building 65 (2 printers located on the second floor)


Supplies - Department Reference

The department is responsible for day-to-day operation of the printer, including the purchase of consumables (paper, toner, user-serviceable components, etc.). Printer and station repair is the sole responsibility of ITS.

Proceed using the Printing Supplies Details page for additional supply information.

Disbursements to the department to cover supply costs are processed monthly, based on the total page volume for the previous month. The rates for disbursements will be reflected in the appropriate chartfield associated with your department.

Responsibility Breakdown by Printer Model

Model Department ITS

Dell 5840cdn

  Paper Fuser
  Toner Transfer Module
  Imaging Drum All other components
  Waste Toner Container  

Dell 5130cdn

  Paper Fuser
  Toner Belt Unit
  Imaging Drum Transfer Roller
  Waste Toner Container All other components


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