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Help with PolyCard issues

Lost Polycard

Do the following if you have lost your PolyCard:

  1. Go to the PolyCard Services Report Lost Card web page and choose "Yes" to answer the question: Do you want to report your card as lost?  This will prevent fraudulent transactions from being applied to your account(s).
  2. Come to Polycard Services to obtain a replacement card; a new picture will be taken at that time.  The replacement card fee structure is as follows: $5.00 for students (undergraduate and graduate), no-charge for faculty/staff and emeritus.
  3. Either notify the clerk to re-enable your new Polycard or go back to the Report Lost Card page to re-enable your card for use.

Card Swipe Problem

If your card will not read at a campus location (Dining, bookstore, printing, etc.) come to PolyCard Services so we may test the encoding of your Polycard.  The card may be replace at no charge.  Also come to PolyCard Services if your card will not read on a SLO Downtown bus.

Damaged Card

The Polycard is warranted against wear from normal use (fading, laminate peel, defective magnetic stripe, etc.)  The replacement card fee may be applied due to card abuse.

Printing Problem

If you feel a PolyCard-enabled printer functioned in error complete the online Printing Refund Form.  Your request will be evaluated for validity and a refund will be applied to your Campus Express account accordingly.

Dining Plan Issue

Visit the Campus Dining web site for further online information, email Dining at campusdining@calpoly.edu or call 1-805-756-5939

Campus Express
Click here for general Campus Express and deposit information.  Campus Express balances are refundable; a $25.00 processing fee may be applied.

Badge Request - New or Replacement

All issued badges must be scheduled.  The  printing fee is $5.00 per badge.  Email polycard@calpoly.edu and include the following information:

  • Recipient's full name
  • Recipient's Cal Poly email address
  • Cal Poly charge chartfield string
  • Requester contact information

Security/Door Access

See the department or area security administrator to have your Polycard enabled to use for door access.

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