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Upload your favorite personal photo!  We have an ID photo upload option for your first PolyCard, or a replacement.  Photo options are a saved image (.jpg, .bmp, etc), saved photo on a mobile device or a selfie.

Whether you upload a photo or not, come to our PolyCard Services location in building 46 to get your ID card printed.  Be prepared to present a form of government ID, see options below.

*ASI and CPC employees need to present an ID request form for their first PolyCard.

Upload your photo now!


*Government ID Requirement*

  • Cal Poly requires government issued photo identification when obtaining a PolyCard ID.  See Examples below:
  • The name on government authorized ID cards must match the name in Cal Poly records (e.g. legal names only; no nicknames or preferred names)
  • We do not accept high school ID cards


             * Passport (USA or International)
             * State Issued Driver’s License (USA Only)
             * State Issued Identification Card (Non-driver, USA Only)
             * US Military ID

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