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Upload a personal photo for your ID picture!  Cal Poly has a photo upload system for your first PolyCard.  Students new to campus must upload a photo for the first printed ID Card.  Upload options are: saved image file(.jpg, .bmp, etc), saved photo on a mobile device, new photo or selfie from a mobile device.

Upload your photo now!  Click Here

New students will receive the PolyCard at their first orientation event (SLO Days, Quarter Plus, Summer Institute or WOW).  Otherwise come to our PolyCard Services location in building 46 to get your ID card printed.  Be prepared to present a form of government ID, see options below.

*ASI and CPC employees need to present an ID request form for their first PolyCard.

Government ID Requirement

  • Cal Poly requires government issued photo identification when obtaining the first PolyCard.  See Examples below:
  • The name on government authorized ID cards must match the name in Cal Poly records (e.g. legal names only; no nicknames or preferred names)
  • We do not accept high school ID cards


  • Passport (USA or International)
  • State Issued Driver’s License (USA Only)
  • State Issued Identification Card (Non-driver, USA Only)
  • US Military ID
  • Employment Authorization Card (eg. DACA)

Lost your PolyCard?

Instructions for replacing a lost PolyCard


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