PolyCard Policy

Authorized Use:

PolyCards are the property of Cal Poly not the individual cardholder, and the University governs all uses of the PolyCard. The PolyCard itself is non-transferable. It must be presented or surrendered to campus authorities, including PolyCard Services, upon demand. Unauthorized use, sharing, alteration or duplication for fraudulent purposes will result in immediate confiscation of the card and may result in disciplinary or legal action.

Use of the PolyCard for campus services must be reviewed and approved by Information Technology Services and other appropriate campus authorities using established procedures. Unauthorized uses constitute a violation of this policy.

Approved uses of the PolyCard must conform to all applicable laws and policies. This includes but is not limited to Cal Poly’s Information Security Program, Information Technology Resource Responsible Use Policy, Confidentiality-Security Agreements, and Use and Release of Student Information Policy.

The PolyCard Services will issue one active PolyCard to each authorized user for use during their tenure at Cal Poly. The issue of the one active PolyCard will be based upon the individual's primary affiliation with the University. The name appearing on the PolyCard will be the cardholder’s official name of record with the University.

PolyCards become invalid upon termination of affiliation with the University and must be surrendered upon request. The PolyCard is not to be retained for equipment checkout and must remain in the possession of the cardholder, unless asked to be surrendered by campus authorities.

Photos of users who do not appear on current enrollment or employment records will be marked for deletion, generally within 90 days of the individual leaving the University.

Replacement Cards:

Lost or stolen cards are deactivated upon notification to PolyCard Services and will no longer function electronically. Found cards must be returned to PolyCard Services and will be destroyed. Damaged or mutilated cards must be brought to PolyCard Services and surrendered at the time of replacement (See Obtaining a Card for further information on replacing a PolyCard). An additional charge will be assessed to all users for each replacement card EXCEPT for replacement of PolyCards that are faded or rendered unusable due to normal wear and tear.

Privacy Restriction:

Your photograph will be used to create your PolyCard. Its uses will be subject to the campus Information Technology Resources Responsible Use Policy and Policy on Release of Student Information. For more information, see: http://security.calpoly.edu/policies/.


In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), your photograph is part of your educational record. As directory  information, it can be released to campus officials, e.g. instructors and University Police, for educationally related and university purposes. The University will not release your photograph outside the institution, unless permitted or required by law.

Faculty, Staff, Foundation, ASI, and others:

Your photograph is protected by the Information Practices Act and will not be released unless permitted or required by law.

Data collected and stored electronically in conjunction with the uses of the PolyCard is subject to the same restrictions and guidelines noted above. While PolyCard Services does not track individual card use, it may provide general demographic data to campus service providers on the use of their services, e.g., giving the Rec Center a report on the number of people who use that facility during certain hours.