Obtaining a PolyCard

PolyCard Eligibility Information

PolyCards are issued based on an individual's affiliation with Cal Poly. Please review the PolyCard eligibility information below.

Who is eligible to receive a PolyCard?

PolyCards are issued to current faculty, staff, students and emeriti who have an existing relationship to the university, e.g. instructor of record who is teaching a class; staff member who is employed in a college or division; student who is currently enrolled; emeritus status granted by the Office of President.

How is eligibility determined?

A formal data record in CMS (person of interest) and a formal data record in the campus data warehouse must exist before a PolyCard can be issued. Together, these result in a provisioned account, a campus identity and therefore the ability to produce a PolyCard.

Who is not eligible to receive a PolyCard?

Anyone not listed above are ineligible to receive a PolyCard. Examples include: affiliated persons (e.g., contractors, visiting professors, volunteers, etc.); students currently in the application/entry process; faculty and staff not currently employed by Cal Poly.

Cal Poly requires one of these forms of government issued identification when obtaining a PolyCard ID.
Note: The name on government authorized ID cards must match the name in Cal Poly records (e.g. legal names only; no nicknames or preferred names):

  • Passport (USA or International)
  • State Issued Driver’s License (USA Only)
  • State Issued Identification Card (Non-driver)
  • US Military ID

A completed ID Card Request Form may be required (available in the Polycard Customer Service Office).

Faculty and Staff PolyCards

State, employees must bring a picture ID and a temporary ID card they received from Payroll Services.
ASI employees must bring a picture ID and a letter from their Human Resources Manager verifying their employment status.
Corporation employees must bring a picture ID and New Employee Information Form they received from their Human Resources Manager.

Lost or Stolen PolyCards

A lost or stolen PolyCard can be deactivated by contacting PolyCard Services at 756-2614 during normal business hours.  A card may also be deactivated through the My Cal Poly Portal (http://my.calpoly.edu), go to the Money Matters tab, and click on the Fast Pass / Campus Express Account link, then choose Lost/Stolen Card on the left.  Click the “deactivate” button.

Visit PolyCard Services in building 46 to obtain a replacement; ensure the lost card status has been removed from your account.  If you find your card after deactivation either activate it online or bring the card in to PolyCard Services to have it reactivated.

If you find someone else's lost card, please bring it to PolyCard Services.

Faded and Worn Out PolyCards

If your PolyCard is worn out from years of normal use, bring it in to the PolyCard Services for a free replacement.

Special Notes Regarding Replacements

All requests for replacement PolyCards require the following:

  • A completed ID Request Form, available at the office
  • There is a replacement fee of $5.00 at this time